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Leather Labels

Leather labels which are the most famous accessories to show your brand in textile industry. Specially embossed leather labels are the most used ones. Leather labels are usually used jeans/denim. To raise your brand recognition is applied lots of print

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Rubber Labels

Rubber labels are quality  and durable type of labels which are used very common for products like shoes,bags,coats and jackets. Rubber label is very important for brands because of longevity and colorful structure. Thats why lots of industry use rubber

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PVC Labels

PVC labels specially are used children clothes, shoes and bags. PVC labels stands out with colorful and lively structure. Also hot-stamping and embossing can make great design for PVC labels. Famous companies use PVC labels to feature their brands. PVC

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Googly Eyes Wiggle Eyes

Another solution for our customer is googly eyes or wiggle eyes which has no phthalate or carcinogen. Googly eyes or wiggle eyes are indicator of our analytical and fast solutions. These products were gained to direct for label industry by

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Lenticular Labels 3D Labels

Lenticular labels (3D Labels) are the most attractive one in the label industry. Also 3D (three dimensional) labels came up after lenticular labels. We lead the way for lenticular labels and provided many areas of usages. Soft and Sewable lenticular

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Screen Printing

Lots of label can be printed with screen printing such as leather label, canvas label, pvc label, fabric label, jakron label, carton label. Different design can feature your brand  with screen printing. Our products has no carcinogen. Also we can

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Outstanding Services And Customer Satisfaction

We focus customer satistaction before anything else and find efficient sollutions for label requests of customers.


Why Atak Etiket ?

Our vision is to find fast and efficient sollutions for our customers with outstanding services. You can find below details about our works.

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